Under Construction

1010 Three Oaks Drive
Three Oaks
7,761 sq. ft.Available
1745 Summer Creek Circle
The Creeks of Forest Grove
7,569 sq. ft.Sold
2300 Whispering Acres
Estates of Forest Grove
7,051 sq. ft.Sold
1050 Three Oaks Drive
Three Oaks
9,742 sq. ft.Sold
1031 Three Oaks Drive
Three Oaks
8,210 sq. ft.Sold
1021 Three Oaks Drive
Three Oaks
6,242 sq. ft.Sold

Available Lots

Three Oaks, Fairview  (Lovejoy ISD)

Lot/BlockAddressSizeSales PriceStatus
11001 Three Oaks Drive1.05 AcreSold
21011 Three Oaks Drive1.07 AcreSold
31021 Three Oaks Drive1.19 AcreSold
41031 Three Oaks Drive1.07 AcreSold
51041 Three Oaks Drive2.27 AcreSold
61050 Three Oaks Drive2.09 AcreSold
71040 Three Oaks Drive1.21 AcreSold
81030 Three Oaks Drive1.06 AcreSold
91020 Three Oaks Drive1.00 Acre$429,000Available
101010 Three Oaks Drive1.70 AcreSpec Home Coming Soon
111000 Three Oaks Drive1.01 Acre$349,000Available

Whitley Place, Prosper (Prosper ISD)

Lot/BlockAddressSizeDescriptionSales Price
3/S341 Whitley Place1 AcreOversized$300,000
4/R500 Whitley Place.73 AcreOversized$250,000
23/T601 Whitley Place.71 AcreOversized$250,000
26/T501 Whitley Place.66 AcreOversized$250,000
18/L4180 Glacier Point.5 AcreOversized$275,000

We want to thank you for your hard work, dedication and integrity in building our home. You are a great person to work with and you are beyond professional! God rewards the righteous…you are righteous! You will be rewarded! -The Marsh Family